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iTalkFast.com is a sexy audio utility app that allows the user to speed up to 2.5x the normal playing speed for non DRM protected audio files. You can also play audio files from Dropbox. You can create custom Playlists, Record Notes and Bookmarks, set Sleep Timers, play Podcasts and add entire Albums or Songs by easy searching from a touch of a button. You can share with Twitter and Facebook describing in one click which song, artist, and audio mark you are listening to on the app. You get custom Listening Levels and Reward Badges allowing you to track the time you spend on the app down to the minute.

iTalkFast offers a Lite and Full Version for the app.

The Lite Version is Free, but doesn’t allow some features to be accessed and has Ads displayed on it too.

If you want to totally experience audio listening in a sexy (and you know it), customized way. You will absolutely love using iTalkFast and recommending to all your friends to do the same. And don’t worry. We’re just getting started “Sexifying” your audio listening experience.

Keep hangin with us… we’re going places together.

Sexy iTalkFast Team

P.S. Want to try the free version of iTalkfast? Click here.


It allows you to:

  • Sync with Dropbox (AWESOME!)
  • Add full albums in one-click
  • Search by audiobooks, album, artist, song, podcast, playlist, personal recording etc.
  • Add bookmarks and editable notes
  • Email bookmarks to yourself or share with others on Facebook and Twitter
  • Play Podcasts
  • Save Playlists
  • Set sleep timers for your favorite tunes
  • Set up custom repeat, random or one audios
  • Record your own audio – great for lectures and more.


Plus the listen levels and reward badges give you a sense of achievement using the app and keeping a detailed record of how much time you’re engaging with it. You can track right down to the minute, day, week, month and overall totals using My Stats visuals.

  • iTalkFast Newbie
  • iTalkFast Regular (50 hours)
  • iTalkFast Pro (100 hours)
  • iTalkFast Teacher (250 hours)
  • iTalkFast Master (500 hours)


We decided to go with animal icon reward badges:

  • Bronze (Monkey)
  • Silver (Bear)
  • Gold (Giraffe)
  • Platinum (Elephant)
  • Diamond (Lion)


But the really cool part is you can listen to your audios up to 2.5x original speed meaning you train yourself to save time listening faster. Excellent academic and scientific studies on this topic show when you listen faster you mind goes into overdrive to focus and you retain more. That my friend makes you INCREDIBLY sexy!

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Wow!!!! That is awesome!!! Thanks a lot…I just opened this email, downloaded the program and I’m now listening to one of my RE investment podcasts at 2.0x the normal speed! You don’t know how cool this is going to be for me. I was just recently thinking how I was going to listen to the literally 500+ hours of RE investing podcasts I have downloaded. I constantly listen to them in the car but the approximately 45 minute programs (after the commercials are removed, which they are) would normally take 45 minutes, now I can listen to them in half the time! Thanks to you and ITalkfast, you are literally going to save me thousands of hours, and allow me to get to other educational programs that I’ve been wanting to listen to, a lot sooner.

Thanks again!

Landon Rothstein

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Currently Working

Things in the works:

  • Android version of app
  • Windows version of app
  • Our api’s for music and online storage services


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